English Translation of the Quran

The Quran is the Quran in the original Arabic language. The beauty of the Quran, in its meaning, in its reading, and its recitation, is the beauty of the Quran in the Arabic language. Nothing can substitute that.

Its translation into the various languages of the world, like this in the English language is therefore a mere shadow of the grandeur, nobility, beauty and elegance of the Quran in its original Arabic language.

Any translation of any book from one language to another loses a substantial portion of its meaning. Moreso with the Quran.

Therefore, my dear English readers, your attempt to understand the Quran by this English translation is highly laudable, because by implementing the pearls of the Quran, you have embarked on a journey of self discovery and self development and closeness to your Creator; as millions before you have done, including this humble servant.

But also remember in the light of the above statement, that this will be only the beginning of your journey. Hopefully it will be a stepping stone towards the understanding of the Quran in the Arabic language; and therefore acquiring the gems of Islam, its instructions for a correct and noble way of living, and its guidance and wisdom, from none other than the Quran in the original Arabic language, Insha Allah.

To date IDM has published tens of thousands of Qurans in the English translation, for distribution, free of charge to the hungry members of the Ummah, who now want to know the Quran and Islam with greater understanding and clarity.

The educated, inspired and motivated Muslim youth of today, is now concentrating his/her focus in the understanding of the Deen (way of life) of Islam, not only from a spiritual / ritual perspective but also from a cognitive / rational approach; so he/she can understand and practice his/her Islam with greater meaning, motivation, sincerity and devotion.

The Quran in Arabic or Arabic/English is available free of charge or at a nominal cost, or for a voluntary donation when stocks are available, be it Zakaat, Lillah, Sadaqah or other. By the same token, sponsors for the purchase of the Qurans are welcome and constitute an important Sawaabe Jaariah; so that the less fortunate can get their copies free of charge.


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