Duaat In-Service Training

The Duaat In-service Training programme is conducted once a month at the IDM Head office in Durban and is attended by our Kwa-Zulu Natal duaat. At this forum, feedback from teachers and duat is communicated, as well as planning for any future projects, programmes and activities.

From time to time resource persons are invited and training is conducted to increase the capacity and confidence of the duat, thus enabling them to improve their Dawah strategies.

Due to the high demand for capacity building and skills development in this challenging world of dawah, IDM in conjunction with Al Kauthar (Deen Class) is conducting the Duaat / Imaam Development Course at its head office in Durban, facilitated by Sheikh. Bilal Ismail, a graduate from the University of Medina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Please do not hesitate to contact IDM if you wish to attend this course or any other programmes conducted by IDM.