Annual National Train the Trainers Course

2009-ttc3IDM conducts a “Train the Trainers” Course (TTC) annually at its head office in Durban. The programme is run during the winter school holidays (June – July). It is usually a 5 day course and is attended by about 50 participants who are selected from all over South Africa.

The programme runs daily from 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs. Topics include Challenges facing Muslims Globally, Developing Self-discipline, Comparative Religion, Effective Communications, Stress Management, Challenges of Dawah, Muslim Contributions to Science, Leadership, HIV/Aids, Public Speaking, Classroom Technique and many more. The resource persons are professionals, experts and experienced personnel in their respective topics.

This course is designed to equip practicing educational and social service personnel with appropriate skills, knowledge and techniques in guidance, counselling, dawah outreach and community upliftment. The overall objective is to increase the capacity of the trainees (duaat, teachers, Imaams, social workers), which in turn will enhance the dawah work and service delivery.