IDM Scholarships Programme

scholarships scholarships2For many years, IDM has been sponsoring scholarships for 50 to 100 primary and secondary school going students and facilitating scholarships for a handful of tertiary students.

IDM provides for any one or more of the expenses of the students, namely, fees, transport allowance, stationery and uniforms. In many instances, IDM arranges and facilitates other organisations and individuals to help with the fees.

The beneficiaries are primarily from the historically disadvantaged communities and all come from the students attending IDM madressas. The most deserving students are being selected from all IDM Satellite centres across South Africa and are encouraged to be steadfast and focussed on their studies in order to get good and positive results at the end of the year.

Zayinab Mnguni who comes from the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal and a former student at Umzumbe Community Islamic Centre is one of them, she is currently doing her first year at Durban University of Technology.

IDM is inspired by the Quranic injunction to “Read in the name of your Lord…” (Quran 96:1) and by the prophetic statement to “study from the cradle to the grave”. We believe that education is a primary catalyst for the ummah to become the leaders of the world again, as it once did before, in the golden era of the Islamic Civilization.