Islamic Community Centres

The following are Islamic centres that are currently directly under the management and control of IDM:

1 Durban Head Office Kwazulu Natal South Africa
2 Mariannhill Kwazulu Natal South Africa
3 Mariannridge Kwazulu Natal South Africa
4 Umlazi Kwazulu Natal South Africa
5 Kwapata Kwazulu Natal South Africa
6 Umzumbe Kwazulu Natal South Africa
7 Isipofu Kwazulu Natal South Africa
8 Niniva Kwazulu Natal South Africa
9 Western Cape Regional Office Western Cape South Africa
10 Manenberg Western Cape South Africa
11 Gugulethu Western Cape South Africa
12 Khayalitsha Western Cape South Africa
13 Mngazana Eastern Cape South Africa
14 Mcwabantsasa Eastern Cape South Africa
15 Extention 17 Mpumalanga South Africa
16 Embalenhle Mpumalanga South Africa
17 Maboloka North West South Africa

IDM has close links with the following independent centres and organisations and has some joint ventures with them on occasions:

Centre Town Country
Ladysmith Dawah Centre (Steadville) Ladysmith South Africa
Windhoek Islamic Centre Windhoek Namibia
Muslim Association of Malawi Blantyre Malawi
Ezulwini Islamic Centre Mbabane Swaziland
Muslim Youth Forum Lusaka Zambia
Khanyama Mosque Lusaka Zambia
Islamic Information Services Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Majlis Ul Ulema Harare Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Harare Zimbabwe
Supreme Council Islamic Affairs Maseru Lesotho

IDM has constructed the following centres in Malawi:

No Centre / Village District Region Country
1 Matandika Machinga Eastern Region Malawi
2 Nsanama Machinga Eastern Region Malawi
3 Mpinganjira Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
4 Dailesi Balaka Eastern Region Malawi
5 Katapwita Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
6 Mtira Machinga Eastern Region Malawi
7 Chinsawa Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
8 Linangwa Balaka Eastern Region Malawi
9 Kwitanda Balaka Eastern Region Malawi
10 Chipangula Salima Central Region Malawi
11 Mikundi Zomba Southern Region Malawi
12 Kaluma Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
13 Maliro Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
14 Songolo Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
15 Mamade Nkwande Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
16 Nyuche Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
17 Matembanya Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
18 Katuli Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
19 Chiwina Mangochi Eastern Region Malawi
20 Chingo Mchinji Central Region Malawi