IDMwas established in1977 and has since grown tremendously. The Movement’s primary concern has always been education and Islamic dawah activity amongst the non-Muslim masses as well as Islamic education and development of new Muslims from the disadvantaged communities, especially amongst the indigenous population groups.

Initially it was a localized semi-rural centre, based in Mariannhill and nearby Umlazi, and called the Umlaas-Mariannhill Islamic Centre (UMIC). As other satellite Islamic Centres mushroomed in other parts of KwaZulu Natal, the name was changed to the Islamic Movement of KwaZulu and Natal (IMKAN). And when the movement grew beyond the borders of the KwaZulu Natal Province and to neighbouring countries as well, it was finally renamed to the Islamic Dawah Movement of Southern Africa (IDM).

IDM has attempted to keep pace with the challenges and changing needs of dawah and education in the Southern African region. With the Qudrat of Allah (Subhanahu Ta’aala) and persistent and focused efforts, IDM has grown into one of the largest dawah and education bodies in the region which enjoys a high degree of confidence and credibility from the South African Ummah. It has gained valuable experience and expertise over the years. As a result, IDM has developed and now has the capacity and infrastructure to deliver quality dawah programmes in South Africa and selected regions of Southern Africa, given the funding to do so. The above strengths are vital and necessary for the furtherance of the Islamic cause in a professional and qualitative manner.

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