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IDM In a Nutshell

logoThe Islamic Dawah Movement of Southern Africa (IDM) is primarily involved in promoting the message of Islam to all the people of Southern Africa. With humble beginnings in 1977, it has now grown to be one of the largest dawah organizations in the country, and the Southern African region, with over 30 years of experience, expertise and professionalism backing it. Its Dawah Network Unit is the largest in the sub-continent, with scores of Islamic Centres under its portfolio and over 50 duaat employed. The IDM is continuously building Masaajid, classroom blocks, boreholes, Imaam’s quarters and clinics in Southern Africa. This Unit conducts a host of dawah outreach programmes continuously throughout the year. Its Human Resource Development Unit has assumed sub-continental proportions, with the organization of major workshops, seminars and in-service training, incorporating the Southern Africa region; on fiqh, dawah, leadership and management, socio-political, and economic issues; often in conjunction with other international and regional organizations. It’s Publications and Research Unit is playing a significant role in the making of a truly “Iqraa” Community in Southern Africa. This Unit researches and publishes, for free distribution, topics relevant to the Southern African scenario. It incorporates the bookshop and the translation of the Quran into 3 major languages of Southern Africa. Running as a thread and interspersed with the other activities is the significant educational and education-related activities grouped together under the banner of the Education, Training and Skills Development Unit. This unit makes available scores of scholarships and conducts various different types of education-related activities on a on-going basis including, ABET (Adult Basic Education Training) classes, pre-schools, sewing and embroidery classes, home-gardening skills programme, in-service training, Train The Trainers courses, adult Islamic classes, and youth training camps. The Welfare Unit encompasses the feeding of hundreds of children daily at Madaaris, building of clinics, and a host of other welfare-related activities. IDM is currently in a favourable position to effectively enhance and accelerate the Islamisation process in the Southern African region. Alhamdulillah.


THE MISSION OF IDM is to promote the message of the unity of God to all the people of Southern Africa so that they may achieve their God given potential of excellence and purity; and in this way contribute to the moral, spiritual, social, intellectual and economic growth of the nations as a whole.


This is a division of the Islamic Dawah Movement of Southern Africa. The primary thrust of the unit is to search, research and publish selective and relevant topics on Islam especially for the region of Southern Africa. It has published innumerable titles, (books and leaflets) as well as translations of the Quran, in 3 major local languages, Alhamdulillah. The unit concentrates on already published works, which are out of print, but are relevant to the region and in keeping with our aims and objectives. IDM has published titles primarily in English. However, its publications include titles in the Xhosa, Zulu, Afrikaans, Oshiwambo and Burrundi languages. A major objective of this Unit, through its publications, is to eliminate ambiguity and misconceptions of certain issues within the value system of Islam; hoping thereby to present the real and authentic Islam to both the Muslim and Non-Muslims alike. The IDM Publications and Research Unit intends to continue to publish a variety of topics on Islam that would primarily aid a better understanding of the true Islam amongst the people of Southern Africa and thereby help to catalyse the process of Islamisation regionally and globally. The overall aim and objective of this Unit is to present Islamic principles and values to Muslims and Non-Muslims in order to help them understand this religion and way of life, which advocates unity, justice, brotherhood, tolerance and peace, which is Islam.


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